What Are Fugitive Recovery Agents?

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“Court rolls around, they are nowhere to be found, and now the system says that you are responsible for paying the full bail amount. What do you do?”

Let’s say that helped a friend, family member, or loved one post bail after receiving that dreadful call from the county jail. Upon their release, you find yourself signing a bunch of paperwork, which you do not mind because you are happy that they are home. Court rolls around, they are nowhere to be found, and now the system says that you are responsible for paying the full bail amount. What do you do?

Fugitive Recovery Agents

They’re also called bounty hunters, and their job involves locating and retrieving fugitives who fled so they can avoid their appearances in court. Many of them have backgrounds in law enforcement, so they have the knowledge and experience that will put them ahead of the game with bail jumpers. Based on studies, the bounty hunters in the nation have success rates of 88-91%.

Also known as bounty hunters, fugitive recovery agents are professionals in the realm of location and bringing fugitives back to the court system, ultimately saving you money and legal responsibility at the end of the day. Good agents are trained in a multitude of backgrounds and have the skills needed to find a fugitive, safely arrest them, and even defend themselves in the off chance that something goes wrong. Most fugitive recovery agents either have a background in law enforcement, the military, or receive relevant training to ensure their competency, which leads to a national success rate that falls somewhere between 85%-90%. Their methods do not always involve force; in fact, some popular methods of tracking a fugitive include:

  • Getting information from family members
  • Searching relevant properties
  • Background checks
  • Public record checks
  • Getting relatives or friends to help contact the fugitive for their own well being

Hiring Bounty Hunters

The most likely people to contract out bounty hunters are bail agents because of the liability that they take on when posting bail. In addition to that, citizens of all walks of life can hire a bounty hunter if they have posted bail for someone and find that they have skipped out on their responsibilities.

How Much Does It Cost

There are a few ways to track down trusted bounty hunters in your area, and it all depends on where you live. A few nationally listed websites focus on bounty hunters and will show you the ones in your area. In addition to that, you can always call your local bail bonds agency and ask them for a connection. More times than not, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

How Do I Find Good Bounty Hunters?

If you are posting bail for the first time, one of the most surprising aspects of the process revolves around the amount of responsibility that falls on your shoulders to keep you out of jail. You may have witnessed someone post bail in a movie and be done with the case until it is time for trial; unfortunately, that is not how it works. When you post bail, you may find yourself in a very similar situation to being on probation. You may have to submit urine tests, breathalizers, and even do weekly check-ins. Along with this, your bond is entirely contingent on your ability to make your court dates. Miss a court date, and the judge has the right to revoke your bond and send you back to jail.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need a bounty hunter, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Angels & Outlaws bail bonds. We work with a team of fugitive recovery agents that are professional, fast, safe, and effective. It’s not an easy situation to be in when you are responsible for someone else’s mistake, but we are here to help.

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