The Fear After Missing Court


She is not a bad person. She got in trouble with the law and was arrested. Her name is Jennifer and she was devastated. Her family didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, her husband was able to get in touch with a Colorado Springs 24 hour bail bond service provider and was able to secure a bond for release. He called Angels and Outlaws bail bonds.

Securing My Release

Jennifer’s husband, Bill, was able to get in touch with the Colorado Springs bail bond service provider and pay the premium which was 10-15% of the total bond cost. We were then able to do the right paperwork, head to the jail and secure Jennifer’s release. It does take some time, because the jail has to run the person arrested to make sure there are no other warrants, but we were there waiting for her when she got out. We made sure to tell Jennifer that the bond is her promise to go to court. She has to complete the court process and get a final judgment or disposition.

Missing Court

The problem started when Jennifer got sick the night before court. She couldn’t get out of bed and hadn’t really slept. The next morning her fever broke and she started feeling better. But, she fell asleep hard. And slept through her court appearance. She didn’t mean to. But when she woke up and realized that she had slept most of the day, Jennifer was terrified. What did this mean for her? What should she do? She called her husband, Bill, immediately and started crying. Jennifer didn’t want to have a warrant. Even though she didn’t mean to miss court, she was terrified for what it could mean for her and her family. Jennifer worried that she would have to stay in jail until she had court. Or if the better option was to go on the run and lose her life entirely. Thankfully, Bill calmed her down and advised her to call us. As her Colorado bail bond service provider, we were able to help.

Calling The Bail Bond Service Provider

We could tell that she was terrified when she called. She told us who she was and what happened. I think she was surprised by the response we gave her. We didn’t tell her she was going to be just fine and nothing would come of it, but we did thank her for not running and for trying to fix it. Then we let her know that there were things we could do to help.

The first thing we were going to try was to give her a court document called a Consent of Surety. She didn’t know what that was, so we explained that it was a document to tell the court that we are still willing to work with her and what happened for her to miss her court date. The judge reviews it and makes a decision on if he will deny or accept the Consent. If he accepted, then a new court date will be scheduled and the warrant that was issued because Jennifer missed court would be cancelled. If he denied it there was still something we could do.

Denied Consent Help

Jennifer expressed concern that the judge would deny her Consent of Surety. But as her Colorado Springs bail bond service provider, we told her not to worry. If the judge denied the Consent then we would do what is called a walk through. She asked what that was. We explained that a walk through is when the bondsman, us, and the defendant, her, go to the jail together to turn herself in. We let her know that though it could be scary to go back to jail, we are going with her to pay for a second bond immediately. We do this so that she will spend little to no time in jail. They assured me that I would spend very little if any time in jail and that I would only have to pay a second premium.

Jennifer asked why there would be a second premium and we advised that it was because it would be for a whole new bond. We would be posting a new bond for a new release.

What Happened Next

Jennifer was surprised that we were as quick with the paperwork as we were. We gave her the Consent of Surety to take to the court. Knowing that someone was there to support Jennifer during the process and if the judge denied the consent really helped her be calm and collected. She was able to present her paperwork to the judge, and though he denied her request, she was still ok.

Having a back-up plan really helped her mental state. She was able to go to the jail with confidence. We both walked in and as her bail bond service provider, we presented her paperwork for her and she was able to not spend any time in jail. The jail booked her in and immediately released her.

Back to Court

Jennifer thanked us for being her Colorado Springs bail bond service provider. She also thanked us for being able to help her when she missed court. Trying to run from the law and not go to court was not a viable option, and thankfully she only considered it in a moment of despair. Calling her bail bond service provider gave her the ease and answers she was looking for.

Jennifer was able to get a new court date and the process was completed without further incident. If you have a similar situation and you miss court, don’t hesitate to call your bail bond service provider. We are not only great at answering questions but are willing to help you in any way we can.

Make sure that you have good communication with your bail bond service provider. We understand that this process is not only stressful, but that life happens. A missed court date can be fixed. She did have to pay for a second premium, but it was for the second release. Jennifer missed court, and that was the consequence. There is help for you just like there was help for Jennifer. Don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Call your bail bond service provider today and let us help you get your warrant cancelled. Mistakes happen. But it doesn’t have to define your future.

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