Do I Need Someone To Sign A Bail Bond For Me

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There is nothing wrong with helping out a friend or family but make sure that you know what it means to sign a bond for someone else.

The Bail Bond Process

The reason why another person is needed is because someone needs to be able to handle getting the Colorado Springs 24 hour bail bond service provider to be able to bond you out with the jail. There is a process that occurs when one is arrested. The process is:

  • Getting arrested
  • Getting booked into the jail
  • A family or friend either paying the bond in full getting the services of a licensed Colorado bail bonds service provider
  • Pay the premium and sign paperwork
  • The bondsman gets the person who was arrested release
  • Defendant goes to court until the court process is finished and there is a final disposition

The family, or whomever is helping the person who was arrested, is the only one who can call the bail bonds company and sign the paperwork. The person arrested cannot do this while in jail.


Because someone else is signing for the bond, that person becomes responsible for everything if the person arrested does not comply with going to court. There is a lot of liability to the signer, especially if they give any sort of collateral down for payment. If the person who is arrested does not go to court, anything that was given as collateral could be lost.


Being obligated to call someone else for help can’t be easy. But whether you are in jail calling for help, or the one that is helping someone in jail, it is important to know the responsibilities with signing for a bail bond.

  • Court dates- Since you have signed the bond for the release of the person arrested, it is up to you to make sure that the person that gets out of jail goes to every single court appearance. It is up to you to make sure this happened since you signed all the agreements.
  • Additional fees- In the event that a court date is missed by the person who was arrested, the one who signed for the bond is responsible for any fees that occur. If a recovery agent is hired to get that person back into custody for court, the person who signed is liable for that cost as well.
  • Bail- Though the hope is that the person you sign for will do everything they are supposed to do, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. Sometimes the person that you helped out of jail tries to run and disappear. If he or she cannot be located, then you, as the person on the contracts, are liable for the entire bond that was set by the court when that person was arrested. Also, any collateral that was used will not be returned. Remember that this means that it is all on you. Once you sign for that person to be released, the cost is yours to assume.

Making the choice

It can be a lot of pressure to help a friend out of jail. Don’t feel as though you have no choice in the matter. A lot of situations that end with the signer of the bond being liable for all the costs are because they get in a rush to help and sign everything without considering the possibility of what could happen. Stll, if you know the person and trust that they will not only go to court but do right by you, then it can be rewarding to be able to help.

There is nothing wrong with helping out a friend or family but make sure that you know what it means to sign a bond for someone else. If you have any questions or need help getting someone out of jail, call Angels and Outlaws bail bonds at (719) 696-9088 or go to our website at

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