Learning About Bail Bonds The Hard Way


“No one starts their day thinking that they are going to be arrested. But when that happens, it is important to know what to do and who to call. When Jason was arrested, his family didn’t know who to call. After doing an online search, they found a bail bondsman that was open 24 hours. His father called Angels and Outlaws bail bonds. We were able to help him and his family through what Jason said to be the hardest part of his life so far.”

What Happened

He was having a bad day. He went out with his friends and he was not in a good state of mind. He got into some trouble and ended up in handcuffs. He had to call his father and tell him that he was in jail. He didn’t know what the bond was and he didn’t know what to do.

His father called a Colorado Springs 24 hour bail bond service provider and they were able to call the jail and get the bond amount. The bail bond service provider he used was Angels and Outlaws bail bond. We were able to get the paperwork to the jail and we were able to talk to the family about the process.

The Process

The process was easily explained to Jason’s father. Once the Colorado Springs bail bond service provider called for the information on the bond we were able to tell his father what the premium would be. The premium is about 10-15% of the total bond. The premium is earned when we, as your bail bond service provider, successfully got him out of jail. The deal was, we got him out of jail, and he went to court and finished the court process.

The bail bond process is complete when Jason’s court process is complete. There are some things that could happen which could delay the completion of the bond process, but we are willing to work with anyone who keeps communication open and honest with us.

However, if your loved one does miss court, they can call the bail bond service provider and they can do a couple of things to correct the problem. First, the bail bonds service provider will give the court a Consent of Surety, which tells the court what happened and that the bail bondsman will still stand behind your loved one. It is up to the Judge to accept or deny this. If the Judge denies the Consent of Surety, your bail bondsman can do what is called a walkthrough. A walkthrough is when your loved one goes to the jail with the bail bonds service provider and they will post a second bond in their name. You will have to pay the second premium, but your loved one will spend little to no time in jail. 

Missing Court

After Jason got out of jail, he was able to talk to us as his bail bondsman. He asked what would happen if he missed court. We were able to explain to him that missing court is not advisable, but that if it happened he needed to call us immediately. There were things that we could do to help him if we know what is going on. One of those things is called a Consent of Surety. It’s a document stating that as Jason’s bail bond service provider, we are still willing to work with him.

We also use this court document to explain why he missed court. Life happens, and no one understands that more than a bail bond service provider. We know that things are not always in your control. While explaining the Consent of Surety, we told Jason that the judge had the right to deny or accept the Consent of Surety.

Being able to talk to his Colorado Springs bail bond service provider really helped Jason to understand the details of court.

Denying The Consent of Surety

As Jason’s bail bondsman, we were able to further soothe him and his father by telling him that if the judge denied the Consent of Surety, we could still help. We told them both that we could make sure that Jason spent little to no time in jail. We would go with him to turn himself in to the jail and post a second bail on his behalf immediately. Then the warrant would be handled and another court date will be issued.

We did have to explain that this comes at an extra cost, though. See, though the premium was paid previously, because there was a warrant and Jason had to turn himself in, we had to place a second bond. It is because of this that there is a second premium cost.

Premium and Bond Differences

Jason’s father had a lot of questions when he came to us. What is the bail? What is a premium? Is there a difference between the two? He was understandably confused by all the terms so we broke it down for him.

Bond is the total cost of release for Jason. It is the amount that the jail and court have decided on based on the crime.

The premium is what we as the Colorado bail bond service provider charge to get the paperwork ready and ensure release. We promise the court that Jason will go to court and finish the court process.

Getting a Bond Release

Because of the price of Jason’s bond, his father had to put down some collateral. The only way to get this collateral released is to finish Jason’s case. This can only be done by going to court. Once court is completed and Jason knows the outcome or final consequence of the reason for arrest, the court will give Jason a bond release. This is what we need to give the collateral back. We legally have 35 days to release his collateral, but it doesn’t usually take that long. Without the bond release, we can’t release the collateral.

We understand how hard it is to be able to get through the process. We need to be able to have an open line of communication to know how we can help you. The reason why most people choose us as their bail bond service provider is because we offer 24 hour access. You can call us any time, day or night. We are also willing to talk to you about the entire process and are with you until the end. We want you to succeed. Angels and Outlaws is different because we know first hand what it is like to be on the wrong side of things. So if you need help, or know someone who needs help with bail bond services, call us at (719) 696- 9088. We also have a lot of valuable information at www.angelsandoutlawsbb.com​.

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