How Can I Find a Bail Bondsman

What is a Bail Bondsman

You want to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible, and that is why getting a licensed bondsman is so important. Your Colorado Springs bail bonds service provider will get the information of the bond amount for you and tell you what the premium is. Once the premium is paid then the paperwork will be taken to the jail by the bondsman and your loved one will be released.

How Can I Pay For A Bond?

Once your Colorado bail bonds service provider gets the information on the bond and lets you know what the premium is, you have a couple ways to pay. The first way is by cash. Premiums are usually 10-15% of the bond amount. Now, if the premium is too large a sum for you to pay outright, there are some Colorado Springs bondsman, such as Angels & Outlaws, that offer payment plans.

Collateral may be required depending on the amount of the bond and the risk associated with the bond. If the defendant has a history of missing court or has felony charges, the bondsman may consider this bond riskier and require some sort of collateral. Your specific bondsman will give you their individual requirements.

Another thing to note about collateral is that if your loved one does not go to court and does not get a bond release, then any collateral used will be lost to the court. The only way to get collateral back is to finish the court process and get a final disposition. Only then will the courts give a document called a Bond Release. This release is to be given to the Colorado Springs bail bonds service provider and then they have 35 days to release that collateral.

Services of a Bail Bondsman

There are other things that your bail bond service provider can do for you. It is important to keep in touch with your bail bond service provider. They can help you with any questions that you may have as well as help you if your loved one misses court. Missing court will result in having a warrant out for the arrest of the person who missed it. But the bail bond service provider can give a paper called a Consent of Surety which states that they are willing to work with that person still. If the judge denies this, then the bondsman can be of further help by doing what is called a walk through. This is when your bail bond service provider and the person who was arrested goes to the jail to turn himself in. Then the bondsman gives a bond immediately which
results in your loved one to spend very little if any time in jail. This will result in needing to pay a second premium, though. It is best to try and make all court appearances as they are scheduled.

You are not alone when you need help to get a loved one out of jail. If you have questions or need help in getting a loved one out of jail call Angels and Outlaws bail bonds at (719) 696-9088 or go to our website at