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You’ve probably watched enough movies to know that when you get arrested, your loved ones usually end up “posting bail.” What they don’t show you is what happens behind the scenes to get this process done and done effectively. With Angels & Outlaws Bail Bonds, we understand that mistakes happen. Click Here To Read More.

When the judge hears your loved one’s case, they will determine at what amount bail should be set. Under Colorado State Law, a company can provide a “bail bond.” That’s where we come in. This company must be a licensed bail bond company (which we are). Click Here To Read More.

The short answer is that “bail” is a part of our legal system that allows an accused person to be released from police custody so they can go about their lives as they prepare for their court date. This “bail” could be in the form of money, real property or a bail bond. Click Here To Read More.

“Bail” is the short version of “bail bond amount” which is the full amount set by the court. A premium is the dollar amount charged by the bail service provider for providing the pretrial release service.

For Example, if the court sets bail at $20,000, the total bail amount is usually around 10% of the full amount, so $2,000 would be the premium. Click Here To Read More.

Every case is a little different so there’s no way to answer this exactly right. What we can say is that in the majority of cases, bond premium is not refundable. Click Here To Read More.

This is a question that’s hard to answer as a blanket statement. The best way to find out if you need collateral is to call us directly. Click Here To Read More.

Great question. One of the biggest stressors surrounding an arrest is the amount of money it will take to get your loved one out of jail. There’s no way to tell you an exact amount on an FAQ page since we don’t have all the details of your loved one’s case. It takes one quick call to get those details ironed out though. Call Us today! Click Here To Read More.

Testimonials are a sure fire way to hear what other people are saying about the bondsman you’re looking to use. If you want to learn more about what our past clients have to say about working with Angels & Outlaws Bail Bonds, click here.

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